The Mailbox

Our mailbox is falling over.
After 15 years in the same place
The same hole in the ground.

Because I need something else to worry about, something else to take care of. My to do list is not long enough, and yet...

When I stop and think about why the mailbox is falling down, why this is happening to me... I can’t help but smile, hell even laugh, and think...

“Do you hear yourself Jim?

Pity much? Selfish much? From one moment of clarity to now you just want to be left alone all the time?



Not really.

I’d like to find ways to be less busy, but I find myself finding ways to do more busy work.

I think the mailbox is God’s way of saying: “Oh, you need something mundane to do, do you? Well then, go dig a hole and put a post in it, and oh by the way, shut up and be happy and focus on something you really need to do. While I’m at it Jimmer, stop telling people what you are going to do and start just showing them. Start just showing yourself.”

Um, okay?

Now, I can’t dig a hole in Central Ohio at the beginning of March so in reality the mailbox is simply one more item I’m adding to my to do list, but I think that’s what was intended. The point isn’t to fix the mailbox as much as it’s to illustrate for me that I am becoming too caught up in the mundane, the day to day, being busy for the sake of being busy - and not really accomplishing anything.

I am working on things. I am always busy. Some of it really is important, but you know some of it... Well some of it isn’t.

Or maybe my mailbox is just falling over...