I Love the Detroit Red Wings, but the CBJ Have a Softspot in my Heart

Getting right to the topic at hand and addressing the poll about my last post -

I ran out of time. More importantly, I also thought the post was getting a little long.

If you follow me on Twitter and / or Facebook I'm sure you know by now that NOTHING could sway my love for the Detroit Red Wings.

Oh, I follow the Columbus Blue Jackets pretty closely and have since their inaugural season. If you look closely at the Red Wing poster in my last post you can see a puck from the Jacket's first game on the shelf below the poster. A friend gave that to me. (Thanks Steve.)

My mother-in-law gave me this jersey signed by members of the Blue Jackets first team. (Thanks Mom.)

I am a fan when the Jackets are playing every other team in the league, and I will admit that it doesn't bother me quite as much as it probably should if the Wings lose to them during the regular season, as long as it is a well played game. (You'll note - I didn't say it doesn't bother me at all.)

When I am in attendance at games between the Wings and Jackets I can very often be heard cheering for both teams. This sometimes confuses fans around me, but I really want those to be the best games I watch all year.

It's hard not to be taken in by the CBJ. I love hockey. They are the hockey team in my new hometown. They are (finally) a growing young team with a lot of fight, a hard nosed coach in Ken Hitchcock, a budding superstar captain in Rick Nash, and an amazing young goaltender.(photo credit: Jack Wolf.)

I always want them to play well.

I have to admit I laughed at the notion, but I was thrilled to see this t-shirt for sale at the local Kroger when the CBJ finally made the playoffs this year. I am so happy for my friends who are true die-hard fans of the CBJ.

But I'm not giving up my Red Wings.

The Red Wings overwhelmed the Blue Jackets in their first round playoff series. The Jackets were clearly hitting a wall from fighting their way into the playoffs, and found out rather quickly that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to playoff hockey in the NHL. In my opinion, their veteran leadership that had that experience didn't do a very good job of helping the team stay focused, and the first three games were really no fun to watch at all.

Thankfully, in the 4th game there was finally a spark, a hint of what might come for this Columbus Blue Jackets team. I want my friends, and all CBJ fans to experience that time and time again. A well played spirited game with great plays on both ends of the ice.

I was thankful the Red Wings won that game, but I was very public in voicing my displeasure with the "too many men on the ice call" at the end of the game.

In retrospect, (first WOTD) I don't think I would have been so bothered if the Wings opponent had been just about any other team. As much as I understand that the call was correct, and had to be made I thought my CBJ friends deserved much better.

I hope that next time the Jackets go to the playoffs they draw a different match-up in the first round so that I can cheer with my friends, instead of against them for at least one series anyway.

After that?