Sorting things Out and Catching Up

Just a quick note on what's been happening. I can't wear my glasses when the camera is on because of the glare so there may be a technical glitch or two, like I can't really see if the stuff on my desk is all blurry or not. Sorry about that. Thank you all for every bit of your time in the last year. It has meant so so much to be able to reach out and connect with so many great folks.


Anonymous said...

uncle jim!! its ashley:)i love the bowling event idea! that would be hilarious but just thought i would say hi and i cant wait to see u at the fair! love u

Greg Syferd said...

Glad you decided to go with the bowling idea, I promise I won't try and rattle you too much ;-)

Super Bowl Weekend sounds like a good idea...everyone should be in town and what could be more manly then bowling and football in the same weekend!