Mulligan Update - Want to See Something Cool?

When Mulligan first got sick at the end of February and we realized the full magnitude of his illness I had two immediate thoughts.

1. He's not even 5 years old.

2. I want to take him back to Camp Akita so he can run in the field to his hearts content.

We've taken Mulligan to Akita ever since he was a puppy. We let him run, and swim and walk him through the woods and over the river and through the woods, but I never really had a full appreciation for how much that meant to me, and to Mulligan I think until I thought we wouldn't get to do it again. While we do get to walk him and play with him at home, the reality is we live in the suburbs and well, that's just not the same.

Thankfully, Mulligan turned 5 on March 8.


Today, I want to share a short video of our boy enjoying his time at Camp Akita this year. It's only 38 seconds long, and I wanted to edit it even more for reasons of vanity. (I look fatter than usual, and my voice breaks and makes me sound kinda silly I think.) But, I've never been very good at editing myself, and Netter told me I should leave the video alone, that the emotion is genuine.

Once again, we have the Note to Self about the microphone. In this shot I'm afraid it's not so easy to hear everything I'm saying so I'm including the short transcript, if you will below.

If you can't see the video click here.

Here's the transcript.

"Hi it's Jimmer, and this is Mulligan. Want to see something cool? Obviously, he feels better. This is what happens when you have perseverance. This is what happens when you have hope. This is what happens when you have the support of your friends. We really appreciate everybody for supporting Mulligan. Thanks!"


largesse said...

Aw! He's looking so healthy, and so happy! Thanks for sharing, Jim.

read2akid said...

Great video, Jim. I love happy endings. I'm also amazed that he didn't run off. Our dog would see the open meadow/woods and take off! He loves to run, too, but maybe he doesn't like us as much as Mulligan clearly likes you.

Greg said...

2 thumbs up!!!