Video test - Help a brother out.

Hi there - I'm working on a Web 2.0 post for CML's Learn & Play program.

I have this webcam sitting on top of my monitor that I've never used for anything practical. Obviously, I'd like to put it to use.

Please vote in the poll to the left and let me know what you think of the video.



Gerald Schwab said...

It got it. Worked well! Video Blogging is cool.

Joy in Digital Services said...

"testing, one, two three..." you're LIVE!! :)

nancy said...

Worked fine for me with my ear buds. Volume was a problem when I tried this in the phone room--but it's a problem all the time there anyway.

Julie said...

Twit! Looking good. Although I can see right up your nose. ; - )

Raise your chair up next time so you are looking down into the camera. I think you will like the angle better.

Sound was fine.

And about that slideshow you have going with pics of you and the Netter... You married her when you were what? 16? God were were so young then. Becky was an infant. I'm hobbling off to take some Geritol now. And the slideshow turned out well. Great job!