Learn & Play @CML Thing #18: Discovering Web 2.0 tools

Okay, so I thought I'd take a break from turning 40 for a minute to do some Learnin' & Playin'.


Can you believe we are already on Thing #18 of Learn & Play? Me neither.

But here we are. Working on this particular thing, I discovered that I've actually used more Web 2.0 tools than was previously suspected. (I just like the word suspected)

For example I signed up for LinkedIn quite some time ago, but I've never considered it a Web 2.0 tool. Then again - why not? If it's all about communicating and connecting, LinkedIn certainly fits the criteria.

The number of tools / sites available just on the short list of Web 2.0 award winners is a little overwhelming, but also very impressive.

Still - I wanted to overwhelm myself some more so I checked out a site I had heard quite a bit about from many folks, (yes I like the word folks) and gave StumbleUpon a try. What I discovered was that it would be impossible to ever allocate enough time to spend stumblin' as it were.

As I stumbled along I found, posters, and games and ponies. Okay, maybe not ponies, but it wouldn't have surprised me. I also found this site that I think can only be referred to as a bit of a throwback - old school if you will. Still as someone who loves to write, I think it is pretty cool. It's also kind of random.

Hmmm... I sound like my teenager. She would probably love StumbleUpon.

I have to say that as a tool, something useful - I didn't get all that much out of StumbleUpon.

That said - It was an awful lot of fun.