Halloween Hogwash

Not a lot rankles, (now that's a fun word) me these days. It takes way too much energy to be angry, mad, frustrated upset, etc... and so on. I'm not saying I never get this way. It just takes more these days than it used to. (Don't tell my kids. I still yell at them sometimes just to keep them on their toes - kidding.)

But last night I was spitting, yes, spitting mad. And this is why.
My daughter Delaney found this in her candy in a box of Nerds. I was incensed.

I mean really, what is the point? To think that some "adult" put this much time and energy to send this message to my 12 year old is simply ridiculous. What message is that anyway?

You're too old to be a kid? Really? Who made them judge and jury for "kiddom?"

Okay, we all remember that point in our life when we stopped trick or treating. Many of those stories go something like this.

I didn't want to wear a costume. My parents told me I couldn't go door to door asking for candy if I didn't at least take the time to put on a costume. I decided it wasn't worth it. My trick or treating career was over.

But D did take the time to put on a costume. She was a "50's girl." Her friends also had on costumes. One was Barbie. The other was an OSU fan with frightening scars on her face, and a James Laurinitis' jersey.

Okay, maybe not the sort of princess and fairy costumes they might have come up with when they were younger, but serviceable at least, and not the "Hoochy Mama" outfits some of the older teenagers were wearing. (Now that's another post entirely.)

My oldest K stopped trick or treating after her 7th grade year. An 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. conflicted with Halloween, and by her freshman year her candy hunting days were a faded memory.

We fully expect D to take the same trip next year, so there was a tinge of sadness as we watched her walk around with her friends on what will most likely be her last trick or treat night. We fondly recalled the memories of so many Halloween's past, and wondered how our children could be growing so quickly. It was a beautiful evening. We all had a great time - and then...

D opened her box of Nerds.

Harumph - Nerd indeed!


Erica said...

Yikes! I mean, I'm all for tricks, but that was just rude.

nancy said...

The person who handed out that "trick" is the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch! That's just mean.

I had some kids who looked to be teens at my door last night. What's the big deal?

WineLover said...

Most definitely Bah Humbug!

It was a beautiful evening though...that poor loser probably didn't even notice.

read2akid said...

If they take the time to put on any costume, and say "Trick or Treat", they should get candy. Life is full of Scrooges. I'm sorry this happened to your daughter.

fallon said...

Why do people have to go out of their way to ruin other people's fun? I think your daughter looked adorable and should be able to trick-or-treat for at least a few more years, if she desires.

Julie said...

By the time they hit high school, I think the kids are just too old for trick or treat. I still give them candy if they come around, but not as much as I give the little kids.

If they can drive to trick or treat, then they are definitely too old.

The older kids should be encouraged to go to or have a party instead. Maybe I'm a little grinchy.

But handing out that fake candy and mean message---that was just cold. Kind of makes you want to figure out who did it so you can play a trick on them....

Cat said...

I had older kids. I got kids w/o costumes, too, and I always said something . . . but I still gave each kid (and a couple adults who asked) a glow bracelet. Maybe the grinch-person thought they were being funny? What I find funny is that the card has a grammatical error - it should read "You're too (extra o) old". Hmph.

Maureen said...

That is just horrible! Instead of playing Halloween Regulator, maybe this person should have just turned off the porch light and closed the door.