Learn & Play Thing #19 Tooling around the Library

Isn't it amazing how many things are right in front of our face that we sometimes miss?

I mean, sometimes people have to make us look at something before we even notice it is there.

Sometimes we hear about things because a little birdie told us with his twitter. Other times we find things because they create a distraction - much like a ball going boing-boing around a room.

Some think there is a bit of a tech-crunch going on, but I guess that would depend on how one defined crunch.

The technorati would tell us that we need to look around and see what we can digg up. Of course if you're a Worldly Cat or crazy like a Firefox you know you already know how you might burrow to find some pretty delicious - Library Things. Heck you never know what you might just stumble upon without even trying.

Use your G-mail and send me an email so I can tell you about this great place called the Columbus Metropolitan Library. There you will be able to find so many cool things including some incredible power tools that can make working on the web a whole bunch of fun.


WineLover said...

sweet - love the cml google toolbar!

Chris Taylor said...

Great Post. Very clever;>