Easter -

I'm always anxious in the springtime. Tired of the winter doldrums, of the gloom and gray.
Eager for the sunshine and the warmth that is to come.

I've never been a winter person. In my not always so humble opinion, there is one good thing about winter and we've learned how to make ice indoors which is where hockey should be played anyway.

In Central Ohio it seems we tend to hang onto winter a little longer for some reason, I think it's our local weather folk. They really like the swings in temperature - you know 30 one day, 70 the next.

It is a funny thing when you think about it. I remember one Easter morning Netter and I got the twins all dressed up in their pretty little dresses with a sweater for the light breeze that was blowing, and off to church we went.

One and one half hours later, it was snowing and Grandpa was none too happy that his granddaughters did not have coats. Yikes! Fortunately it was just a short walk to the car, and we quickly rushed home for warmer clothes for all of us.

But while it snowed that Easter Sunday, I have always found Easter to be the day that gives this sun starved individual a little hope, a little drive towards summer.

There are of course, the religious meanings of the day, the story of our Lord's rising from the Dead is, and should be our central focus. Still, as someone who believes you don't necessarily have to go to church to be religious I tend to focus on the more "modern day," applications sometimes - i.e. the rebirth that is spring.

As a golfer the spring time is one of my favorite times of year. I'm reminded of a piece I wrote sometime ago. I blogged about it in the fall, but I'd like to post it again today so I can remember, so I can, well so I can be spiritual.

(Plus, I must confess it's one of my favorite pieces and I like to get those out and dust them off every once in a while.)

Early in the morning at the golf course, usually on the first long par 5 and particularly on courses which are more natural than man-made, i.e. wetlands have been preserved, animals are still in abundance, there is a fine mist that gives me an incredibly peaceful feeling. I’m playing my favorite game. I’m out in nature. I’m enjoying the company of friends and companions. It’s hard to explain it briefly but trust me it’s awe-inspiring. To get a sense for it, go outside some morning early in your barefeet (when it’s warmer), walk in the dew-covered grass, take big gulpfuls of air and try and think of something or do something you really enjoy (like drinking a fresh cup of coffee). Try and take notice of everything outside - the sky, the clouds, the birds, the ants on your driveway. Now look up.

Way up.

Get it?


Cat said...

I totally get it. I like those early morning hours when I'm camping. I love how peaceful and quiet it is, and I love the "phoenix-like" rebirth of the fire pit, stirring the coals to boil water for my coffee. Very nice images you share, Jimmer. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to look around and notice all the things that were hidden over the winter. I'm anxious too - thought it was just me. I'm glad I read this & I'm glad you wrote it. :)

Delaney T said...

Very good post. Do I take it we aren't going to church Sunday then?...Luv you! Mwah!

Kathy Hennessy said...

No wombats or OCD, but very nice :o)

Jim Brochowski said...

Cat, - Camping, exactly! Why didn't I think of that? Love the image of the fire.

Anonymous, who I really know is Kathryn - Hidden is perfect. I hope our weather breaks and we continue to find more.

Ms. D. I think you know the answer to that question. ;-)

Butch - Maybe someday I'll come up with something on Wombats that have OCD tendencies or something. How would that be?

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I always appreciate the feedback.