Y'all Ready for This?

Laaaadddddddddiiieeeessssssss and Gentttlleeemen - Please welcome - from COH-LUM-BUS, OH-HI-OH - He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in at TWO HUNDRED AND TWO POUNDS

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Aahhhhhhhhh! He what? No really? Put the needle back on that record man! OH MY!


Yes, it is true - Getting ready to go out to dinner with my lovely wife and some good friends from the "nayvorhood" this weekend I ventured onto the scale.

I don't know why I did it. I don't know what possessed me to look down at the numbers.

I was not happy with what I saw.

Now, I have never worried about weight, on myself or someone else. If I'm fat I don't want to think about it. If someone else is fat, it's not my deal to worry about.

In a house full of women, we don't talk about weight anyway, and I think that's terrific.

People are people. Tall, short, thin, fat - doesn't matter. To me it's okay if the stand-up comedian talks about weight, but we don't need to.

To me, it just never mattered. I saw a little boy in my second grade class break down in tears when they announced his weight at 101 pounds and all the kids laughed. Ever since, I try not to make it an issue.

My grandmother was 4'11'' and by all accounts pushed hard toward 300 pounds - I never cared. I use those numbers now to describe her when I tell stories, but they're just that - only descriptive terms about a woman I miss dearly and love with all my heart and soul. She was tough, but we were tough together. (Miss you Babcia.)

I even banned the topic of weight at my house for awhile. Just ask my Mom.

Still - 202 pounds on a 5'7" frame? Holy Heck! That just isn't healthy.

I'm supposed to go to the doctor next week for a checkup and to get some paper work filled out. I'm guessing this isn't going to go over very big. (Hee Hee)

Could you step on the scale Mr. Brochowski?

Do I have to?

Okay, so where to go from here? I don't think my diet is all that bad. I do have a tendency to eat late at night. Guess I'll have to cut that out. K & D will be happy - the (refrigerator) rat lives no more.

Hmmm... what else. Exercise much Jimmer?

Um, outside of an occasional hockey game - No, not much lately. I will have to change that. Mulligan will be happy about that. It means more walks for him. Maybe I'll try that Couch to 5K Running Plan I've heard so much about. That will be a good start.

The thing is, I don't want to do anything that makes me miserable, that I might dread. We only get to do this thing called living once, so I'm determined to find a way to get healthier without driving myself bonkers in the process.

(To those of you who just said I'm already bonkers - Yeah, I know.) It's a good word though isn't it?

I'm willing to make sacrifices - I tried Coke Zero. But I'm not gonna get crazy - MGD 64 is not in my future.

I don't eat breakfast, but I can probably lose a cup of coffee. (How fattening is cream and sugar?)

I figure two squares a day and some exercise should send me on my way to a healthier me?

Will that be enough?

Far too many spend way too much time, and too much energy on this topic in my opinion.

But today - I have to admit it is weighing heavily on my mind as well.

I want to stay in the game after all...


largesse said...

Jimmer, I have to admire you for addressing this issue in this forum. I'll bet most people aren't brave enough to post about their weight, let alone allow people to comment on it! ;-)

I think it's great that you see something that you want to work on and get right to it. I wish you well and offer you moral support!

Jim Brochowski said...

haha. i actually did think about the fact that you're already bonkers before i read the line that suggested i might think that. it made me giggle.
very proud of you Daddy-o.
maybe over the summer i'll join you.


Tiffany said...

Hey Jim, i hear constantly and have found it to be true for me.... eat more often, but smaller meals. if you only eat twice a day, you will be starving. i recently started a program that is exercise and low-ish carb diet eating 5 times per day. first month i lost 5 pounds and 6 inches.

another thing i have found is just about making choices, you can only have so much. i eat the fries but not the hamburger bun, turkey burgers instead of beef, etc. it all adds up to healthiness!

good luck!

Cat said...

Sometimes a few small changes are all a person needs to get back on the healthy track... that said, I am at the point where I'm going to need something seriously major to change . . . oh wait, maybe when I'm mobile again that'll be enough momentum.

Good luck with this. I admire your attitude lots.

Jim Brochowski said...

largesse - I felt pretty safe with this post. Most of the folks that would rib me about my weight aren't regular followers, and I was hoping for a good discussion on this topic because it is so hard to talk about.

Kailey - log in as yourself next time please. Glad I made you giggle. I would love it if you would join me over the summer.

Tiffany - thank you for the tips. I find that when I eat smaller meals I eat all day -kinda like grazing.
I will try to make better choices about "what" I'm eating.
The biggest key for me is going to be the exercise.

Hey Cat, I'm sure being mobile will provide plenty of momentum. Can't imagine what it's like to not be mobile. You're a real trooper as they say. Knowing you, I suspect once you do get going again there will be no stopping you. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I really appreciate the feedback, and the props!

Angela (fed0r0v91) said...

Jim just remember a number on a scale doesn't mean everything its about how you feel.
Now you ask how much can that coffee with sugar and cream really be, well here's a free website that will let you track what you eat and what exercise you get. And the exercise can be as easy as walking through the supermarket, so it doesn't have to be the 30 minutes on a treadmill kinda exercise.
Its been fun for me to track the true number of calories I can eat and burn in a day.
Good luck! And remember if you don't care then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, well except maybe the other half... *wink*

Angela (fed0r0v91) said...

Oh see then I forget to leave the website url, hehe

here it is:

Seth Simonds said...

Jimmer! We're on the same beat recently. re: included link. I started by looking at why I was eating and which things were satisfying and which were just fiddling fillers. Lost 20lbs during the 6 week "discovery stage" and 32lbs in the past 3 weeks. (I'm an extreme person though. You might not feel like hitting the gym every day, I sure don't sometimes!)

My big discovery? Take the time to find out what really works for you. Look at a bunch of health/fitness plans and pick what seems like something you can do. Every little change adds up!

You're a brave man and I'm really impressed by how frankly you put things on this here blog. =) Sorry I've not been around much. I'm back!

Jim Brochowski said...

Angela - I know I told you in the lounge, but I am very grateful for the info and the link, and the support.

Seth, You have been a tremendous help. I love your new blog. What a great resource your experience will be for everybody. You are very generous to share your journey with others.

I'm really glad you're back!