Grouchy? Moody? Worried? Nervous?

All of the above?

At the conference I attended last week the organizer said something along the lines of 363 1/2 days out of the year he hates the event, but for the 1 1/2 days it's happening he loves it.

Though my timeline of angst is quite a bit shorter, I knew where he was coming from.

Every day I am grateful for Golf for Joy, The MJB Foundation, and everyone we get to share it with. Still there is one week that gets under my skin.

This week...

...and again I am a nervous wreck.

Are our deadlines being met? Will we have enough golfers signed up? Will those golfers all get registered and paid in time?

How do the foursomes look? What kind of speech am I gonna give?

Next week, all I'll have to worry about will be the weather. (Praying for sunshine.)

This week I'm just plain worried.

This year our new board has done a terrific job of taking the pressure off, each contributing in their own way, accomplishing task after task on time, ahead of schedule, and within budget. Netter has been wonderful about remembering all of the little details. K & D have done an outstanding job of doing whatever we need them to, when we need them to.

I know it's all silliness. Everything always works out. Everything is always fine. The speech gets written. The golfers have a good time. Money is raised for a good cause. Everyone has a great time.

But sometimes I just can't help it. You know?

I know that at some point this Saturday (probably after the mail comes), I'll be fine.

In the interim?

I need to find that smile.

If you think of something - make me laugh!



Jennifer at Information Line said...

I made you laugh a few times today during the meeting. My job is done.

Kelly Syferd said...

In my best, drunken slurred speech....3 bottles. Laugh yet? ;)

I am amazed at how much work goes into these events. You know all of this hard work, all the worry is all worth it in the end. You are doing such a great thing spreading the story of Meghan Joy and helping other kids with challenges as well. I am so honored to be a part of it.

Jim Brochowski said...

Laughing at you both. Jennifer, the meeting was fun. Thank you for that. (Pretty long tagline you have there. Is that the 3rd login?

Kelly - Without question that was the best victory celebration of all time. And yes, I am laughing.

Thank you both!

Jim Brochowski said...

Oh - and Kelly we are honored that you are a part of it too! Thank you.