Things are Changing 'Round These Parts

Attended the Ohio Growth Summit Yesterday, and in the process of meeting some fascinating folks, and being awed by their knowledge and passion I decided that it was time for a little overhaul, a fresh start.

I'll be talking about it more in the coming weeks, but wanted to begin by giving the blog what I hope is a cleaner look, and making it more functional for my readers in the process.

Let me know what you think?



Marilyn said...

Don't know what I think about the new format. It certainly is more business like than the old one. I liked the golf picture!

read2akid said...

It is cleaner, easier to view. I'm glad you kept the "thoughts and stories from a cluttered mind." I really like that phrase. I like the logos to link to Twitter, Facebook, etc, too. The golf picture was a little big, and did sort of dominated the space, but I do like it better than the picture of just your eyes. They follow me as I read your blog. ;>

Jim Brochowski said...

Hey Mom and Kim,

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll see if I can work the golf pic back in somehow. I have to confess though - I really like the eye pic. I've been working on that for awhile.

Though I hadn't thought of it, I like that they are "watching over things" so to speak.

Kim, I thought about losing the "Thoughts and minds..." for a brief second, but ultimately that's what this blog will always be about, and I realized that fairly quickly.

Thanks again to both of you!

Julie said...

Now that I have a home computer back... (and I'm telling it like I see it. You know I love you!)

In general, I like the new layout. It's not as cluttered and smooshed. Don't get rid of the "thoughts and stories" tag. It's you and like you said, it sums up well what the blog is about. I like the general feel of the new blog. It's more inviting for the most part.

Although I kind of like the eyes pic, I'm not a big fan. First, you have a great smile. It shows in your eyes, but I want the whole thing. Second, find a happy medium between the huge golf picture and the strip of eyes pic. Third, use something that is more in focus. The fuzzy shot bugs me. Fourth, evidently my OCD came out when I started talking about the eyes pic! Sheesh on me!

Oh, and someday you can help me make my blog look better than it is. Because I respect your knowledge and skills and the way you teach.