The Kids Said What?

Today, I'm playing along with my friend Cammie and her Thursday theme "The Kids Said What."

It's a cool way of remembering and sharing all of the cute things kids say when they are little that I won't get to play very often because I have teenagers who said all those cute things before there were blogs to record them in, and now only say things like: "Daddy, can I have some money?"

Recently however, we've had a couple of cute moments.

I'll start with D.

Two Sundays ago I slept until about 4:30 + or - (jealous Cammie?) in the afternoon. When I woke up, Annette and Delaney wanted to go to breakfast/lunch/dinner at Crackerbarrel. I think we called it "brlunner."

Anyway, I needed a shirt to wear, knew I wasn't going anyplace else that day and thought it would be a good idea to wear something different, something I hadn't worn in a while.

I reached way in the back of my closet and pulled out an OSHA orange Tommy Hilfiger shirt with a blue collar, blue sleeve cuffs, (what do you call those on a short sleeved shirt), and a piece of green material under the buttons.

Yeah this was a pretty old shirt, but it was one of my favs way back when so I put it on to go to brlunner.

"What's with the shirt?" D said when I went downstairs.

In retrospect I should have known. Like most Dads my girls alternate between wanting to steal my clothes and wishing I would wear something, anything else than what I have on. D usually falls in the latter camp.

She didn't say much else, but just kept looking at me with eyes that were almost chanting:

"What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt? What's with the shirt"

About halfway through brlunner I looked down and thought to myself:

What's with the shirt?

I washed it and put it in the goodwill bag when I got home.

Thanks D!

Last week Thursday we visited K at the fair. She couldn't wait to take us to one vendor who was selling CD's where cartoon characters sing your child's name a number of times within the context of their regular songs. Veggie Tales and Sesame Street are the popular choices.

K's favorite is Elmo. Yes, she is 16.

Yes her younger sister was laughing at her the whole time.

No, I cannot adequately explain the sheer joy you could hear as K jumped up and down listening to Elmo sing her name.

I was taken back in time as I heard my little girl say: "Elmo said my name Daddy. Elmo said my name," all the while jumping up and down ecstatically.

The Kids said what?


Cammie said...

ohhhh the teenaged versions of this will be so fun.

Julie said...

Becky sent me a text the other day that said, "I see a bullnozer!"

Becky, the 19-year-old.

Saw it outside her dorm.

Yes, she used to call bulldozers, bullnozers way back when. But some things never change.

Have I mentioned that I scream, "HOP! HOP! HOP!" whenever I see a bunny? I'm 44. I'm sure if I see a bunny on my deathbed I will croak out "HOP! HOP! HOP!" Some of us will always see some things with a child's perspective. I think that's a good thing. Right Twit?


Greg said...

Gotta go with D on this one. ;-)

Cat said...

Next time, wash the shirt and wrap it up for D for Xmas. :-)

As for Elmo - I'm with your daughter - I"m a sucker for that stuff! I wish my son were more childlike, but he wasn't, even when he was a little kid. Si has always been an old man at heart, the poor thing.

Jim Brochowski said...

They will get more and more interesting, Cammie. Princesses come up with some doozies.

Jul - Good stuff. Bullnozers is even fun to say. Hoppin' on your deathbed. Hee hee... Well, everybody will be smiling and that has to be a good thing. :-)A good thing indeed Dweeb. Love ya, Twit.

Gregor - still wondering why you are wearing Ethan's hat in those campin' pics. (jk) Don't be knockin' on my cool Tommy Hilfiger shirt now. Yeah, yeah, I know I gave it to goodwill. ;-)

Cat - that is an awesome idea. I just might do that still. Shhh...

Nothing wrong with bein' an old soul. Of course, I've been accused of being an old soul and of being pretty childlike. No wonder I can't foc - Hey look >shiny>>>

I can totally see you dancing when Elmo says your name. It's a pretty cool picture too. :-)