Shout to the Lord

Netter has been chronicling K's great adventure over at Practically Netter, but I wanted to share this from our visit to the fair yesterday.

They really got me with this one. From 1:22 on it got pretty misty - yeah misty.


WineLover said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!! I have to get over to see them!

Cat said...


Hey - can you give me some advice on purchasing a digital vid cam? I'm looking for something for Si, along with software that will allow him editing capabilities. What do you know about that?

Jim Brochowski said...

Thank you both so much. Of course we are very proud.

Glad you made it over WineLover!

Cat - sent you an email today about the vid cam.

Thanks for watching!

Kelly Syferd said...

I was completely amazed when I saw them sing. So incredibly talented.

Jim Brochowski said...

Thanks Kelly!

K was really happy you got to come listen to them.

We really appreciate your support.