My Man Card?

Let's just get it out there...

Yes - I watch Project Runway, and yes I follow the blog Project RunGay.

Yes - I do think Christian Siriano is a fascinating, fascinating young man and I have propped him in my "About Me" since the day this blog went live.

Betcha didn't notice, didja?

For the record - I also used to watch American Chopper which featured Orange County Choppers before it got moved from the Discovery Channel to goodness knows where, on who knows what night.

Oh yeah - Yes - Purple is my favorite color. (No, I don't like pink. I don't think it's the right color for me ;-)


Yes - I'm prone to cry when...

I read a touching article, or blog post. When I hear certain songs. When I watch some Hallmark commercials even.

When we used to watch Extreme Home Makeover my kids would watch me to see my reaction instead of the end of the show when the homes were revealed to the family.

Yes - I once embarrassed my youngest daughter by sobbing at the end of Marley & Me. I cried even harder when I read the book. Today, this dog post about Shaka got me - maybe even harder.

Yes - I walked around for the 18 days my oldest daughter was at the fair on the verge of tears.

I'm just a big fan of creativity, and a very emotional person. Oh yeah, and a proud Daddy.

You can call it my I.G. if you want to. I am who I am, and I'm comfortable with me.

Personally, - I think that's a good thing.

Psst... Fellas - I also think Chicks dig that. No really - just ask them.



Cammie said...

tis true. it is kind of hot. Joe is the same way. He watches Top Model with me and also gets weapy at Exreme Makeover. He is also a sucker for anything cute his kids do.

kathy oh said...

i fully appreciate a man who can show his emotions. thats all sortsa hawt! theres nothing wrong with it and whats more is that it shows the children its ok for people especially their daddies to cry. its a natural human emotion from which we benefit (it clears out the tear ducts). and psst mr could totally pull off pink. and my bf loves purple too which is my fav color. you rock jb!

Cat said...

Yup - chicks dig that stuff. My hubby is emotional, too. He doesn't watch those shows, but he does like chick flicks, and he cries with me over stuff. We always joke that I'm just his "cover". LOL

LynneF said...

and don't forget coordinating your socks to your sweaters, LOL! Oh, I am so in your corner. My BFF used to laugh at me in HS when we went to movies and I cried - she laughed through On Golden Pond, through *Steel Magnolias*, for crying out loud (pun intended). My sister talked me into going to Titanic with her and then regretted it. After using a box of Kleenex in the theater, we came out to the car - I had myself under control - and the theme song came on the radio and I started sobbing. Hallmark commercials... check; Extreme Home Makeover... check; watching my kid play baseball with the Miracle League... oh, yeah. My dad won't go watch her play b/c he doesn't like to get emotional in public. So I like that you are OK with it! PS - purple is also my favorite color (the birthday again?)

Jim Brochowski said...

I knew it! Thank you all for the validation. :-)

Lynne - now you're telling all my secrets. (yeah - it's the birthday.)

p.s. Purple Rawks!

Thanks Ladies.