Where I Learn Things Catorce...

Do you think Bono did that on purpose? There's a lot of theories, and it's one of those things that drives some fans crazy... But it's just a little thing right?

Sometimes little things linger don't they?

As I lay in bed this morning after all the ladies had left, with Mr. Mulligan sound asleep by my side I could hear only the soft hum of the ceiling fan above my head, nothing more. This peaceful moment made me pause and think about all the angst I've been feeling lately. I've considered blogging about some of it, but really at least for now - I think it's best to keep some things to myself and not air my dirty laundry in public as it were.

Suffice to say that as I shared with my community yesterday - I'm feeling a lot like Mr. I'm Gonna, and that's definitely not the person I want to be.

To gain some forward momentum, today I'd like to share some of the folks I learn from who help motivate me.

Not long after I started getting more and more involved with social media, Seth Simonds followed me on Twitter. I checked out his Tweet stream, saw that he was very much into the conversation and followed him back. Seth has a tendency to say all the right things at the perfect times, like this comment on Monday when I had had a very bad day of dealing with the foot. I needed to hear, (read) something like that right then. So I replied to Seth and tried really hard to find a way to move forward.

Seth sent me a private message the next day to motivate me a little more. Seth motivates a lot of folks with his Primal Stride blog which is very appropriately subtitled simple steps for complex lives.

He can also be found at The Dating Papers, a very entertaining blog that sometimes makes me laugh, sometimes makes me reflect, very often makes me think, and ALWAYS reminds me how happy, and lucky I am to have found the love of my life at a very young age.

Finally, I think, or at least I haven't found him anywhere else (grin) - Seth blogs at the Design Pepper blog a great blog about creativity and web design.

I follow all of Seth's blogs because they make me think, they help me relate, and they help me keep things in perspective.

Which reminds me...

There are two other great sources of perspective I'd like to share with you today. One is by well known columnist Craig Wilson of USA Today. Craig's column's have kept me grinning, and laughing, and thinking for the better part of the last 4-5 years. I also like that Craig is very generous with his time, answers email from readers with personal responses, accepts almost all friend requests on Facebook, and even held a weekly chat for years, until USA shut it down.
I am grateful to Craig for his perspective as well.

Finally today - I want to share a Photoblog I follow. My friend, and fellow Red Wings fan Scott has the most interesting images, and accompanying messages about, well about everything at his photoblog StrayMatter. If you're looking for beautiful images that make you say Hmmm... that's the place to go.

What blogs, articles, sites do you visit regularly to help you keep perspective? Where do you go for inspiration?


Christa said...
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WineLover said...

there is a lot I want to comment on here but 1. I'm so tired...
2. I love the photo image blog - thanks for sharing!!

Seth Simonds said...


1. I really like your new layout! This one brings attention directly to your writing.

2. I could have pointed you to 50 people more deserving of a mention to your readers. I'm just a regular dude convinced that if I don't write continuously I won't be able to improve.

That said, thank you for your unfailing support and continued conversation. You are fearless in your blogging and continue to inspire me (and I hope others) to focus on what matters most to us and let the numbers take care of themselves.

Jim Brochowski said...

WineLover - I appreciate your support - always! It means a lot to me. I'm glad you like the photo blog.


Thanks for the comment on the layout. I am really happy with it.

I think you are the perfect person to point my readers to precisely because you are a "regular dude," who continuously wants to improve.

Thank you for your kind words. You're right. It's never about the numbers. It's always about supporting each other and continuing the conversation.