It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love My Library

Over the weekend a friend posted this on their Facebook page.

I've watched it about 100 times.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, - maybe...

What strikes me about the folks in this video is how much fun they seem to be having - at work. I used to have that much fun at work. But, the sad truth is that I have been doing the same thing for the last 11+ years, and well you know, that math is easy...

That's about average for me. When I moved from Circulation Services at the library I had been doing that for about 12 years.

There's nothing wrong with my job. I just need a new challenge. Is that a bad thing to say? I hope not. If it is, well I'm sorry because I really do still love my library. I just need a new challenge.

Is there another job for me at the library, another step? Well now, that would be perfect wouldn't it? I understand that there are budget constraints and such, but yeah, the selfish part of me would love for that to be true.

I wonder where the road goes from here?


Julie said...

This is my reply:

So I bet you are wondering what those furniture sliders have to do with having fun at work. Now picture Pat O. balancing on one of these with the other foot stretched out behind her--like a figure skater. And me pulling her through AV.

Or someone we know and love dressed as a maid and throwing herself into her Clue role as a way to create excitement in the staff for the SRC.

The fun is out there in the library, but sometimes it's hard to see. Sometimes you need a change of scenery (like me going to AV) to bring out the joy. Sometimes you need to let someone else's joy infect you.

It's hard with the transfers and constant upheaval right now to recognize the joy--or even a smile. But it's there. Waiting. I'll see if I can uncover a little for you...

Erica said...

Did I just get a shout-out in your comments? Because I THINK I JUST GOT A SHOUT-OUT IN YOUR COMMENTS!


Anyhow, I agree with Julie. Also, the best part of that video was the chick that just kept on working through the whole thing. She was seriously cracking me up. Oh and the guy spinning in his chair was great too. And the guy climbing upside down on his desk.

For the record, I would LOVE to see Julie pulling Pat like a figure skater through AV. Or A&M. Whatever they are now. I bet Julie A. could give them some style tips. And new shoes.

End pointless comment. :)

Cat said...

I bet these people normally have really boring jobs. Life is like that. You go along with every day seeming just like the last and the WHAM! something fun happens . . . but then, after the laughter dies down it's back to the everyday thing again. Sometimes, though, the WHAM! really sucks - and honestly, we all know that kind of excitement isn't worth trading in the boring days, right?

I don't think I have any great wisdom here, except to say that we need to find ways to take pleasure in "normal" sometimes. Odd as that seems.

Hell, I wish we could sing and dance all day at work, too. Sometimes, I even do it, despite the funny looks from my customers and staff.