The Kids Said What... Second Edition

Never thought I'd see a second edition here, but I've been collecting quotes from the girls and lo and behold the material is just there, so once again I am playing along with my friend Cammie for The Kids Said What.

Here we go.

We like to try a lot of different foods for dinners and such. While discussing the different tastes of things one night at dinner D popped up with this nugget:

"If you have tastebuds on your tongue so you can taste things, do you have smell-buds in your nose so you can smell things?"

Yes, she is 13. No, I have no idea where it came from. It was worth a big laugh at our house though.

K provides a couple of teenagery quotes for our next two.

You know that boy (or girl) you really like, but he doesn't like you, or he toys with you and takes advantage of you emotionally, until one day you are just over him (or her) and you've had enough?

Yeah, K's got one of those for herself. Here's what she has to say about him these days...

"It's like they hooked a leafblower up to an ego-machine and stuffed it down his throat."

Yes, I am a proud Daddy!

Of course she followed that one with: "The ego is like seeping out of him."

That's my girl!

Thank goodness she figured him out - that LOSER!

I don't know if it's cool for Daddies to add that kind of editorial content, but I am!

A few days went by until D chimed in with our next prize. She had been given a homework assignment to describe her "writer's voice." (Yeah, I know. I think it's an archaic term too. So does Wikipedia, but of course not everybody trusts Wikipedia yet. That must include D's English teacher.)

D struggled with finding an answer to this question until I got home from work on Tuesday at which point her eyes lit up, she smiled a big smile, looked at me, and said: "Hello Man-with-an- English-degree."

Yes, I helped her, but not without a bit of grumbling about the obscurity of the term and a Google search to be sure I was thinking of the right thing. Hey, I graduated 8 years ago, and I've yet to use that degree for anything other than creative writing. Give a guy some slack.

For the record, D's is an "active and building" writer's voice, i.e. she builds her story to engage the reader. It's a good solid way to write, and I hope she continues with this creative outlet.

K completes our quotes for the week with a comment on cooking, or rather cookery.

As many of you know, Netter's Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan was broken on Tuesday. It wasn't her fault really. I distracted her while she was cooking by calling on my way home. Consequently she turned on the wrong burner on the stove (i.e. the one that was under the pan) and scared the entire neighborhood when the pan popped and broke. When it says "don't apply to direct heat," it means don't apply to direct heat. See for yourself.

I used Twitpic to post the picture on Twitter and Facebook, and I wasn't surprised that most of the talk was not about the cost of replacing the pan (not all that expensive really) but instead was about the lost years (15) of "seasoning."

K was watching the conversations and asked what seasoning meant.

When Netter explained... well, K gave us this.

"That's disgusting! It's time for a new pan anyway!"

Ah teenagers. Gotta love 'em.


Cammie said...

I fear the teenage child but your daughter sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders!! and LOL at nose buds