An open letter to all the young men who were, are, might, or may decide to date my daughters...

Dear Knucklehead,

A friend once told me that there was a reason God gave daughters to guys like me. I’d like to share it with you.


I know you because I was you. There isn’t a thought or a scheme or a dare that you have had that I didn’t when I was your age.

Consequently my young friend(s) I know best how to protect my daughters because I know what to look for, and more importantly I know how, and where to find... I'll just say solutions.

Just so we understand each other,


Mr. B.


My 2 cats said...

Remind them there are some very dangerous people in your family that take "out of the way" and "disposal" very, very seriously... :)

Courtenay said...

too,too funny!!! guys that's why we are all such good parents..since we've experienced what they are/will try :)..raising kids is SOOOO much fun!