Deadlinez I needz 'em Howz 'bout youz?

Currently I find myself with a little tiny to-do list that looks exactly like the little tiny to-do list I had last week, and the week before that, and the week before that.

Why - you may ask?

Well, nothing is due. No deadlines. Nada, zip, zilch, zero...

For me this is a huge road block to being productive.

I'm not happy about it, and I'm trying to find a way to fix it.

I've tried a couple of experiments, most recently in the fall.

I told myself that I was not going to play hockey in the fall session until I had gotten some things done in my life, put some things in order so to speak.

As much as I love the game I had to get my house in order as they say. Some things are just more important.

(I guess this is the all cliche all the time blog post. Wow!)

Talk about motivation. I got a whole bunch done, and only missed the first month or so of the season.

I don't have that this session. I pre-determined in December that we were saving the money and I was not playing. Of course then I "found" the money and now I have the itch to play, but I'm waffling for a number of reasons on whether or not I should do that...

Sorry - that's a whole other discussion.

Back to the to-do list and the deadlines.

In school I was always the kid who waited until the last minute. I know we think all kids do that, but I even continued the habit through to college - as an adult. (I was 32 when I graduated.)

Pitiful I know, but I feel like I do my best work up against a deadline.

I'm currently trying to find a way to set some deadlines for myself so I can move on from the "tiny do do list."

I'm wondering if you might help? How do you set deadlines. How do you avoid procrastination?

What drives you?


Seth Simonds said...

I don't avoid it. I wait until I'm nearly out of time and then I crush whatever the project is with enough time to take a walk or a quick nap before looking it over and sending it off.

I also set artificial deadlines and keep track of how close I come to them. It's become an art form!

My problem in grade school was that I could always talk my way around deadlines. Good prep for dealing with people though.

largesse said...

I've never gotten much better about procrastinating! The only thing I do a little better than I did when I was a kid is, I don't postpone the dreaded things *quite* to the last minute. Just *almost* to the last minute.

Sorry, no words of wisdom from me.

Jim Brochowski said...

I tried the artificial deadline with my current project list. I'm set to be finished by Friday. Wish me luck.

I'm with you Seth, I could always talk my way around deadlines. I once talked my way out of an entire paper just by presenting my "idea." I felt bad when it worked so I did eventually go back and write the paper. I think the instructor liked the idea better though she didn't say that out loud. I got an A for the idea. No grade on the paper.

"Almost to the last minute." Love that. Glad you came by to share largesse. Thanks for the giggle.

Mom said...

I find if I don't do the work immediately I can postpone it indefinately. So I try and do whatever needs done right away. During school (I graduated later then you) I could clean the whole house (I hate cleaning) rather than do the work. Got old and tired so I try to do stuff immediately.

Mom said...

I have thought about this and I guess that I don't have an answer for those at home chores. I can tell you and did tell you what I did for business but at home is entirely different. The house is never cleaner than when we have company, the living room is still not painted, the lilies are still in their place in the garden and not on the side of the house, etc. So, I have no words of wisdom.

Jim Brochowski said...

Hi Mom,

Thanks for commenting. Whether you were trying to or not you did indeed give me some wisdom both for work and at home.

Namely -

Immediately is a very good answer.

Also - when you talk about cleaning the house for company - I think the lesson is that's okay.

I grew up in a house where every Saturday was chore day come hell or high water. I could never do that to my girls, but when company is coming well we all pitch in and get to work.

And as I think about that - That's okay and I'm good with it.

Thank you!