I Don't Want a Million Dollars

One of the tasks I have had to add to my list this week is wading through my Twitter followers and get rid of the "get rich quick guys."

I don't know how I picked them up, but the wealth system builders are hot on my heels.

Unfortunately, even if you don't use Twitter yourself you know who the "get rich quick guys" are, especially if you've ever watched any late night t.v.

"Use my proven system," the sales pitch goes, "and you too could make millions in months." Blah, blah, blah, yap, yap, yap.


Now, I'm not saying there aren't some ways that are quicker than others to garnering wealth. I am saying for the most part, folks get what they deserve and they get it through good old-fashioned hard work.

Besides - I don't want a million dollars.


You can't be serious Jimmer?

I am. I'll tell you why.

1. A million dollars doesn't go nearly as far as it used to.

B. I just believe it's better to have enough rather than too much.

III. I really don't mind life lessons, and working hard.

Here's what I do want though - I'd like to have about $75,000 after taxes.

This would make up for most of the financial mistakes I have made over the years, or at the very least allow me to start fixing some of my screw-ups.

There is so much you never learn about money until you're an adult. Oh sure, in 7th grade we practiced managing a "checkbook." This is not quite the same when you're handling real money now is it?

How do you know things like: How much life insurance do I need? - How much do I need for retirement? - How much should I really save?

How long will it really take me to pay off that those credit card(s)?

What does it really mean to take out a second mortgage?

Etc... and so on.

Most kids get their first jobs and boom, that money is gone almost as quickly as it gets in their hands.

Even my most fiscally responsible friend, one who has worked his entire life to have all the things that he has and the life that he wants, would be remiss if he didn't share the story of how he showed up at my house shortly after he got his first job, wanting me to check out his "sweet ride."

And the money just goes - Poof!

Now most folks rein themselves in in one way or another. Some do better than others. Some go broke. Some get rich. I get that. It's called life. It's called learning. That's cool.

I'd just like to have a chance to truly apply the "If I knew then what I know now" mentality and see how it might work out.

I know. Nothing but a dreamer...

Still - that conversation we all have whenever the lotto gets big and we sit around thinking, "What would I do if I had a million or millions of dollars...?"

Yeah, I don't know how to handle that.

My needs are a whole lot less.

I don't want a million dollars.

Do you?


Cammie said...

yeah, sadly.....I totally want a million dollars. really really bad.

Julie said...

I wouldn't mind a million dollars. I could use it for things like college for the kids (and maybe another degree for me) and... Hey, wait a minute. I think I just used it for 3 college educations!

I'd like to pay off my debt. Get Rick's parents a house. Get a car. Pay for all of Calli's medical bills.

See? Poof! It's gone.

But I so like your attitude toward having a ton of dough. Very healthy!

largesse said...

"I just believe it's better to have enough rather than too much."

I'm totally with you there, Jimmer. I think the happiest people I've known have had their needs met but have not lived in luxury.

I'm not asking for it, but still...I think I wouldn't turn down a million dollars.... :-)

Jamie said...

Are you talking about the Eagle Talon Turbo my brother bought years ago? If so I remember the Talon turning quickly into a Hyundai due to a smarter father-in-law of his. Funny how he forgets those early roots, huh. By the way, I would gladly take the million dollars. Money doesn't cause problems, people cause problems. Or is it guns that kill people, I always get confused on that?

Jim Brochowski said...

First - If I had a million dollars I would share it with all of you.

I guess I could have incorporated that sharing aspect into the post, but I was focused more on the line quoted by largesse

"I just believe it's better to have enough rather than too much."

Maybe I could have said if I had a million dollars I would never keep it all for myself.

Jamie - You may well be the only reader who recognized that reference. Yes, the sweet ride was the Eagle Talon Turbo. I only rode in it once that I remember and then as you recall it did very quickly turn into a Hyundai. I know he has a good father-in-law, but he also has a pretty good head on his shoulders, and he's always been very responsible.
Money doesn't cause problems, but it sure could fix some eh?

Thanks everybody for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like a million dollars. Since my kids are only 6 & 2, I can only imagine what college will cost when the time comes. A million dollars would certainly alleviate the worry of paying for college.

Nice post - thanks for sharing!

Jim Brochowski said...

You're right Lori. I hadn't thought about college.

It would be nice to be able to pay for that. Heck, I'm still paying off my own loans. The joys of being a non-traditional student - not that my parents would have probably kicked in all that much anyway.


Money - the root of all that ails us?

kailey_annette said...

Well, let's see...
-six hundred to fix the car.
-two hundred to paint it.
-a new interior that's a prettier color would be nice.
-I'm sick of my room being blue, so purple paint.
-pretty clothes.
Hmmm...is a million my only option??
Because I REALLY like shoes.

Jim Brochowski said...

Kailey - thank you for making your Daddy laugh.