If A Blog Falls In The Woods...

I know its been pretty quiet around here lately. I think about posting pretty much everyday, but something always gets in the way. Some task I hadn't planned on or things taking longer than they should. Kids need a ride. Mulligan needs something... or Facebook, or Twitter, or well you know the drill - we all have our distractions.

About the only thing I do that doesn't seem like a distraction is spend time with my wife and kids.

Although they told me I can't sing along with Glee so there's at least some time we might lose together.

I've recently put a name to my dilemma, my issue of getting caught up in "stuff," and not creating, not doing I've been reading Seth Godin's blog a lot lately and I feel like this recent post provides a pretty good summary of how I operate on a daily basis.

While Seth is talking mostly about new media and electronic communication though I think this is how I've worked since, well pretty much since I can remember. (Without deadlines especially), I've always been easily distracted. You know... kinda like this guy.

If you can't see the video click here.

I've talked before about needing deadlines and it seems like lately that has been true more than ever. Recently I ran across an article on Mashable that I think will help me find a way to get more accomplished, not just with social media and electronic communication, but with everything. I hope.

Then again, I've talked about and asked folks about systems and ways for getting things accomplished and not feeling overwhelmed by to do lists.

I'm really just trying to find a way to get rid of this guy. I'm kind of tired of him, and he's pissing me off.

Would it be too much to ask if I asked you to send me some good mojo to help me send him packing?


Please feel free to share any of your ideas for getting things done, making progress, being creative and productive and well you get the picture...


drlori71 said...

Sorry, I don't have any words of wisdom about how to get things done. I struggle with getting everything accomplished too. If you find good ideas, please pass them along :-)
I'm sending you some good mojo!

Cat said...

I suffer from the same things - easily distracted (I could make a joke here, but what's the point?), and so forth. When I can overcome all of that it's because of a couple of things: 1. I break the tasks into smaller bits and take pride in getting the smaller bits done. 2. I force myself to do a least one thing I don't want to do each day . . . even if it's very small. Eventually I'll be able to look back and see that I've gotten somewhere. 3. I think about how much I've already accomplished (even the little victories, remember!) and hang on to those for inspiration. 4. I pray. Lots.

Cat said...

OH yea, and sometimes, what is keeping me from finishing something is that I've run into a snag that has demoralized me . . . and trust me when I say I have piles of those unfinished things around. My sister tells me "just let it go, get some closure by moving on", and sometimes that frees me up to do something else that's more worthwhile anyway.

WineLover said...

I have a problem with focusing too (and it has nothing to do with too much wine :-)
Instead of just a "to do" list, I print a calendar of my day (the hour by hour kind) and then schedule in when I will work on what. I also pick my top 1 or 2 things that come hell or high water, I will get them done.
I've also been noticing that I am much more successful at getting things done when I go with my natural energy (like for some reason I wake up wanting to clean on Monday mornings, I like to work on blog posts on weekends, etc) so I try to go with the flow instead of trying to do one thing when I'm really not energized to do it.