I'm on Vacation

We are on vacation this week. Nothing big, we're at a campground near Wilmington called Beechwood Acres. It's very affordable, gives us a few days away and allows us some time with the girls before they go back to school.

Oddly enough, it doesn't take us away from our technology. They just added WiFi this year so here I am on the laptop with my new favorite thing - blogging, the girls have taken every opportunity to check their text messages, and even Annette has been fielding email and phone messages from her family as they work to plan a party to celebrate her parent's 25th wedding anniversary.

Me, I'm just checking in with the world because it's so much a part of my routine each day to check "all my sites" (thank goodness for Google Reader), 3 of 4 email accounts, and updates on the Learn & Play program at CML. Whew! Hardly time to vaca hey?!
No, I purposely made myself wait until late in the day to add this post and my Google Reader has many unread items left.

We will post some pics tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of posts for the week as I have all these things I want to talk / post about now that I have a blog. Bet I'm not the first guy eh?! Good thing Netter has started a blog to keep everyone up with the practical side of our lives - check her out at practicallynetter.blogspot.com.

Now it's time to enjoy the fire and my girls.


Kelly Syferd said...

Have a great time!

Erica said...

I told you I would comment! Glad you're having fun on vacation, even if you can't completely disconnect from the wonderful world of the Internet. I want to see pictures when you get back!