Why a blog now Jimmer? CML Learn&Play 7

This is my post about technology for Thing #7 of CML's Learn&Play program. I'm going out of order, but this is a post I had planned on doing today so it will have to be ok.

So, for those of you who are co-workers, this is work related. For those of you who are friends and family, it's a chance to learn more about what is going on in my big empty head.

So, why a blog now? The truth is I started this blog in March of this year because some friends had told me I "should." Because it wasn't something that was at the top of my radar screen, it just wasn't a priority and fell by the wayside.

But over the course of the summer I found myself following a number of friend's blogs and seeing all the great things they are up to, and I thought, (you saw the smoke right?) "Hmmm, well it might be fun to blog and let folks know what we are doing as well."

And then CML started the Learn&Play program - well now I had to blog. I mean it's for work you know? (Disclaimer - the Learn and Play program is voluntary - but there are some really cool prizes.)

And then I added a post to my blog, and then another, and another - and: How in the heck did someone who likes to run his mouth as much as I do ever live without a blog? Craziness! I even have a list now of things I want to blog about, and of course I love telling people what is up with my family because my girls are my favorite subject of all time.

So there you have it - a blog now so I can run my mouth and talk about all my girls. As the sub-title says, this is all really just a collection of thoughts and stories from my cluttered mind - so I can't make any promises, but I hope that some may find it at least entertaining and somewhat interesting - and if you don't - well tell me, and tell me why.

I'm always open to edits


Netter said...

You're a natural writer - it's natural that you should have a blog to share all your thoughts. You've inspired me to start my own blog. Keep it up!

I love you!