Learn and Play post 1A

Easiest - Teach / Mentor others. This is what I do everyday.
Hardest - View problems as challenges. Though I get to this point eventually my heart on my sleeve style of doing things usually means I follow this pattern - "What the..? How the..? Who in the..? Do they really..? Alright, deal with it Jim. Fix it or find a solution.

Hmmm... Wonder if that makes me a good lifelong learner or not?

I will admit when it comes to some things I am late to the party. I might even say I'm stubborn. Some examples.

Remember when we had to pass a PC knowledge test at the library. Don't tell anyone but I only "passed" because the person giving the test was very kind and patient and said fun things like, "Jim, what is this thing here with the buttons that looks like it might be a small rodent?" No, I'm just kidding she didn't say that exactly, but she was very helpful and patient and I still barely "passed."

The first computer in my house came courtesy of my wife who said she was buying it whether I liked it or not. I only used it because it allowed me to play computer golf and I swore that was all I would ever EVER do on it. Ahem, yes I do now own 4 computers and I do teach people to use computers and I do work on the computers and they are all networked and... Yeah but you see what had happened...

I swore I would never have a cell phone, then I would never have a cell phone with a camera. I now have a cell phone with a camera that I use quite a bit and we are considering getting rid of our home phone. Stop laughing at me...

Okay - that's just a few, I'm sure there are more. Leave me a comment if you can think of more "Stubborn Jim moments."

I can handle it.


delaney said...

Yay! Daddy got a blog! I finally thought of a stubborn thing to remind you about...you said that you wouldnt get another dog and now you have mulligan and i bet your happy that you changed your mind because you love him:)