"Welcome Back" Wait a minute...?

Walking through the stacks at work today, I came across a co-worker from another division. I said "hi." He said, "hi," and then he said, "welcome back."

Huh?!! How'd he know I? ... - Wait a minute he's been reading my blog. That's kinda cool. I knew he had read the early post explaining the blog name - Jimmer, but he was coming back and reading my later posts as well. As I said, cool, but...

I admit that I think this blog thing is ultra neat, (I always wanted to say neat) but I have yet for the life of me been able to figure out why anyone would want to read what I have to say. I mean I get why friends and family read each others' blogs. They're keeping up with each other in a manner of speaking. And don't get me wrong, this fella, (Neat and fella all in one paragraph - you try it.) is a nice friendly guy, but I wouldn't say that we are friends - at least not in the sense of "family and friends."

Now before anyone starts thinking I'm feeding my ego, that's not my intent.

What fascinates me about this is the way that it brings people together. I now know things about friends, family, and yes co-workers that I might never have known about before. Their interests, what drives them, what holds them up. In the ever evolving to vanilla, politically correct, don't step on my neighbors toes, don't talk to my child, etc... and so on world we live in these days - I think that's pretty amazing. I think that's what finally brought me to this point. I place great value on relationships, and I'm drawn to things that allow them to be built.

I know there are some who are saying: "Duh Jimmer. Welcome to the party." But if they've been following along - they know I haven't always been on time.


Netter said...

That's a cool story. You're networking! Now I just need to convince you to get a Facebook!

I love you!

WineLover said...

You'd be amazed at who finds your blog via others...scary!

with your writing talent you'll love the outlet :)

Kelly Syferd said...

Ditto Christa. YOu will be amazed at who finds your blog! I am addicted to looking at my live feed to see who all has visited.

And I agree with Annette too. You and Greg both need facebooks! ;)

Anonymous said...

I noticed that I kinda caught you off guard there! :-) I'm trying to follow as many of the blogs as I can, and your camping narrative caught me because my family goes camping too. In fact, when we were camping in Lancaster (PA) while visiting my wife's family I also got to experience the oddity of having wifi access at the campground!

Cat said...

Yea - well - if you're wondering why someone else was reading your blog - think about why you read the blogs of other people! I'm glad you finally fessed up and commented on my blog! :-)