Vacation part deux

We've been having a great time so far at Beechwood Acres.

On the way in yesterday we stopped at a local farmer's market and ran into this fella guarding the cash box. This was just the kind of mood we needed.

Later we headed for the pool and just some downtime. Ever seen a sky this blue?

(This was taken from the middle of the pool.)

Unfortunately, further pics and such are going to have to wait until we get home as we are discovering that while it is nice to have WiFi at the campground, it's not exactly the fastest connection and doesn't tolerate uploading very well at all.

We'll try again tomorrow, but may have to wait until we get home. Sorry 'bout that.

It's 11:07 and the ladies are all asleep. I slept in until 12:30 today and I'm a bit of a night owl. And to answer, yes it was very nice to have an air conditioned cabin, warm blankets, and no other cares in the world to be able to sleep that late.

Today was filled with more swimming, a nice hike to and along the beaches of Lake Cowan, and more good times with family. Although we are finding out that the girls are tied to their technology a little more than we thought as once the swimming ended today things got a little "boring" for them. No worries though it's a good lesson to learn.

As I close the day I'm struck with this thought - there is nothing like a time for reflection, a time to take stock, and I have so many things running around in my head and ideas for when we get back it's actually kind of scary.

Time will tell as they say...


WineLover said...

Isn't it wonderful to sit quietly at the end of a fun family day and grateful?!
glad you are enjoying your vaca!

Jim Brochowski said...

Indeed it is, and I think "grateful" is exactly the word I would use. In all these times of stress and worry, having a chance to just appreciate the good things like family and build from that is a wonderful thing.