Rock can hit a curveball I guess...

The last few nights I have been posting from the porch of our cabin. Tonight I find myself tucked safely inside. All because of "Rock." It's not a very original name for a raccoon I suppose, but it at leasts sounds a little tough which helps one understand why he is scaring the bejesus out of me.

Night one - I posted my blog, sat by the fire, spent some time on the porch and went to bed. Half way through the night Annette and I heard this terrific banging coming from the corner of the cabin. The whole cabin is all of 10x12 maybe so we thought one of the girls was up and started asking loudly - "Are you okay? Why are you up? What's wrong?" etc... Suddenly we heard a tremendous thud. I jumped up and turned on the light. Both girls were sound asleep. I ventured outside and found that our trash can had been knocked over. I cursed the many cats that roam the campground, did what all men do when they are outside at night camping and went back to bed. In the morning Annette informed me that she had seen a raccoon, but didn't want to tell me during the night so as not to alarm me. Unhuh!

Okay - NBD I thought. Surely he won't come back. Wrong!!!!!!! As I was on the porch typing last night ol' Rock decides it's time to check out the trash whether I'm there or not, sneaking up on an innocent Jimmer when he was looking the other way, um at his laptop. I stomped my foot repeatedly and he went away. (Proof that there is a God?) Of course, Netter came running out to see if everything was okay and why was I stomping and I explained that Rock was a big ol' fella that needed to be scared, and I took care of it. Sure, yeah right...

He was not - tonight he ventured onto the porch while we were all still at the campfire less than 8 feet from his entry-way. Annette scared him away initially. (I do love that woman) Alas he was only away a moment. Kailey had positioned herself so she could see the porch and darned if Rock didn't come back. Holy Cow! We all jumped up to see him and he ran away. Okay, enough is enough right? No, I spotted Rock hiding under the cabin and as soon as all the girls walked away from the fire to get ready for bed, there he was again. I watched carefully as he checked out our pool supplies, but when he got near my grilling stuff, well I banged away and he ran. A man has to protect his grilling stuff right?

Only when it comes to outdoor stuff, I'm not so much the grill master, (though I really enjoy grilling) as the... well I can kill a spider pretty good. (At home, I usually curse said spider and tell him that unless he is ready to write a check for rent he has to go.)

And I married Ranger Annette. No really, my wife is all outdoors woman. She loves it. Well, except the crunchy bugs, but as I said I can kill a bug or two and curse them out for bothering my wife.

Over the years I've learned to make a pretty good fire, traverse my way through a hike or two and even to appreciate different kind of plants. Well, she tells me what type they are and I say "Yes, Honey that's really nice," and we move on. Hey if she can listen to my sports stories the least I can do is try some outdoor stuff right?

In fact, only one time before this have I not tried to go along and just deal with it. Annette's Dad was trying to teach me how to fish, cast, reel, and on and on. I was really frustrating him, and I was getting frustrated that he was frustrated. Finally, I looked at him and said "Dad, can you hit a curveball?" He looked puzzled. I said, "no really, can you hit a curveball because I can." I wasn't trying to be disrespectful because some things are just harder for some people or come more naturally for others and I wanted him to know that there were some things I was "capable of." I honestly don't know if he even heard me and it was very early in our marriage of course, and I have since learned all the things he was trying to teach me and if I may say so, make at least an adequate fisherman.

Anyway - I know tonight Netter is being nice and not laughing at me, but this is one time I could not just deal with it stand up and face the outdoors because I'm pretty sure Rock can not only hit a curveball, but can probably knock the thing right out of the park.

Typing safely from inside - Jimmer