Cute only lasts so long

As Mulligan continued to grow the girls learned

that they could not carry him everywhere. This was a growing boy after all.

They still played with him though, and gave him all the attention that they possibly could.

The first test was coming.

A few weeks after Mulligan arrived we went on our annual family trip to Camp Akita. I cautioned the ladies that I was not going to be taking care of the dog. He was their responsibility. All assured me this was not a problem.

For the first day or so of the trip, there was no problem. Grandma was there to help, and the girls enjoyed walking the dog and playing with him in the fields.

On Saturday though, all the cousins arrived for the day and K & D couldn’t wait to spend all of their time catching up, playing, fishing, boating, and so on with my nieces and nephew.

As we all know – puppies can’t just be turned off at our convenience.

Netter stayed in the game though. She continued to care for the dog and made him a priority. I admired her perseverance, but I also felt badly for her. So, I tried to help out.

We walked our boy together, and took in the mystery of his youth as he enthusiastically explored the environment.

I gave the girls a pass. Annette and I did talk though about getting them back on task when we returned home. I explained again my reluctance to get close to the dog. I would help if needed I told her, but I really wanted them to “own” the dog. Annette reassured me again, telling me that she completely understood. She thanked me for helping, and also for spending some time at least getting to know Mulligan a little bit.

Upon our return home however, our, (I mean their) little boy was going to put everyone to the test.