Two Pieces of Chicken and a Pound of Rice

There's a lot going on this week. I "starred" in my first video. Brian's Bail Bonds Hockey started our season. (Sorry I wasn't there guys.) You may have heard there is a big game on this Saturday. Tomorrow marks the seventh anniversary of perhaps the most tragic event in history for all Americans.

And Jimmer is still plowing away at his to do list, trying to shut it all out and make sense of the big pile on his desk that has been there for what seems like an eternity. The list goes something like this.

1. Two years ago we started a migration from Mac to PC. (Hey, it's just cheaper.) I'm still trying to finish the Quicken conversion. (Quicken recommends against migrating data between platforms. I completely agree.)

2. The budget befuddlement - another post for another day.

3. The "projects." We all have 'em.

4. The resume'. Not going into a lot of detail in this forum at this time.

5. Finally, and perhaps most important - The MJB Foundation.

Yes, as summer turns to fall I am STILL trying to put a capper on the work I need to do for our foundation each year. Today, as a way of saving time I am combining blog posts with email, and web postings to get that project wrapped up.

This was a different year for the foundation. For the first time in 14 years we had significant rainfall for Golf for Joy. Our numbers swung wildly from 74 to 49 golfers, and I didn't play. No I didn't. I had the great good fortune of having my appendix out the Tuesday before the tournament. (The truth is I would have played, but my mother-in-law made the doctor tell me I couldn't. Shhh... Don't tell her I told you.)

Fortunately, in spite of all of that we still had a great time raising money for a good cause. The difference between last year and this was less than $200.

BUT - I think next year we can do even better. To that end, we are revamping, revising, and revisiting. Everything is up for discussion. And we need some help...

We are restructuring our board and adding members. I need two, maybe even three individuals who can help. We have some paperwork that needs to be done, a survey that needs to be designed, and some time that needs to be invested.

If you're interested in becoming a part of The MJB Foundation please let me know.

Two pieces of chicken and a pound of rice?

Might be today's lunch.


Anonymous said...

what in the world does 2 pieces of chicken and a pound of rice mean? am i suppost to understand this?

Jim Brochowski said...

First of all Ms. D login when you post a comment.
Second - the title of the post is a bit of "literary license" by Daddy used to get people's attention and make them want to read the post. I explain at the end what the title means.

I love you!

Delaney said...

O im sorry I didnt see that part about todays lunch. I didnt leave my name because i didnt want u to be mad at me

i love you too

nancy said...

I love the video! Can I have your autograph?