Nature in a Bottle - Flashback piece 1

Finishing up the last of the Mac to PC migration (again, it's cheaper) I am finding some old files I had forgotten existed. Some are pieces I'd written in "the way back" that I would have shared then given this forum.

I hope you like them.

As part of a newsletter project for staff at the Hilltop Branch we were asked each month to answer some thought-provoking question.

My favorite follows -

If you could bottle something in nature to sell or enjoy at a later time, what would you choose and why?

Early in the morning at the golf course, usually on the first long par 5 and particularly on courses which are more natural than man-made, i.e. wetlands have been preserved, animals are still in abundance, there is a fine mist that gives me an incredibly peaceful feeling. I’m playing my favorite game. I’m out in nature. I’m enjoying the company of friends and companions. It’s hard to explain it briefly but trust me it’s awe-inspiring. To get a sense for it, go outside some morning early in your barefeet (when it’s warmer), walk in the dew-covered grass, take big gulpfuls of air and try and think of something or do something you really enjoy (like drinking a fresh cup of coffee). Try and take notice of everything outside - the sky, the clouds, the birds, the ants on your driveway. Now look up. Way up. Get it?