flickr fun Learn and Play at CML - Thing #6

Another post for CML's Learn and Play program. No running of the mouth today - just playing catch up.
I spent some time playing around with flickr. I'm not much of a picture guy. This is Netter's department.
Still I can recognize a good product when I see it and flickr certainly fits the description. I can see where the photo creative types could just get lost in all that flickr has to offer.
I ran across a picture of an old shed, (I think it's a former Windows sample pic) that I think is really neat, (yes neat), and used jigsaw to turn it into a puzzle. Pretty cool eh?
Puzzles have always fascinated me. This might be because I'm not very good at putting them together. I lack the patience required for such an exercise. I will never forget a puzzle with a wagon full of pumpkins my Dad put together when I was a kid. It was all orange all the time it seemed. Still he patiently pieced the thing together and I was in awe. Sorry I knocked it off the table the next morning Dad. It really was an accident.
Getting back to flickr. The thing I like best about it is that I can use it for the slideshow on my blog to share pics with family and friends. It is a great product for creativity as well. Maybe not my gig, but definitely fun for those who are so inclined.