Sure you're in shape Jimmer

Today, the library is holding a wellness fair which reminds me that as this is the year of inventory for me I have spent some time thinking about my physical condition. I was going to say working on my physical condition, but well you'll see...

First a little back story.

In the summer of 2007, I began a series of regular visits to my doctor where I discovered some interesting things - I also re-discovered why I don't like going to the doctor.

After all, who can be thrilled about a visit that starts out thusly -

Nurse - "James Brocono#$$%^*w**($#@izzki."

Jimmer - "It's Bro-chow-ski."

Nurse - "Oh - that's easier than I thought." (Ya think?) "Okay, please step on the scale. I need to get your height and weight."

Jimmer - "Can you just write down short and fat?"

Nurse - "That's not how this works!" (Seriously reminded me of some nuns I had in school.)

Okay so I backed off at this point. My joke didn't go over well, and my last name is often butchered. What can you do?

As the appointment progressed I found out I have high cholesterol, as in seriously high. I also found out my blood pressure is in the high range, I had a separated shoulder, (hockey injury), and doctors in general have no tolerance for bad habits of any kind. (People at work read this blog. I don't want to risk any misinterpretations so you're gonna have to use your imagination about my bad habits.) In general, I needed to get in better shape.

Now, any parent knows finding time to exercise is a delusional endeavor. Still, I've tried to walk more, we bought an elliptical machine, (amazingly decorative piece), and I have tried to watch what I eat, and cut down on the aforementioned bad habits.

I found out Sunday that I still have some serious work to do.

As a result of last week's storm one of Netter's co-workers had a tree knocked over and offered the resulting firewood to us.

The girls and one of their friends were very helpful with loading the truck and carrying the wood to the backyard to be stacked. Actually stacking the wood however was on me.

Somehow I needed to turn this - - into something a little more organized.

The stacking commenced. Arranging, re-arranging, finding odd pieces, small pieces, big pieces. A push here, a tug there. Holy smokes this is a lot of work I thought as I collapsed in the middle of my backyard.

Now Netter was very helpful during the entire process. She handed me pieces of wood when I asked, and brought me something to drink, but even she couldn't help but look at me a little incredulously as I collapsed from stacking this small load of wood. Or, maybe I just felt she was staring because it all seemed ridiculous to me.

Somehow, I'm not really sure how - I found my way back to my feet and finished the job. I then went inside and collapsed again in the middle of the living room floor as if I had just run a marathon. Holy Schneike!

Silly, I know. Obviously I still have some work to do in the "getting in shape department."

I'm pretty sure I'll be back on the ice next week. (The "list" is shrinking.) It also is probably time to let that elliptical do something more than collect dust.

The weather is still warm enough I can walk the dog more. Plenty of things I can do.

Wish me luck...


Christa said...

I've hung out with you - I don't need to imagine the bad habits!
Good luck - I haven't used my Y membership in a few months... :(