Kinda Windy eh?

This wasn't the planned post for today, but after yesterday's storm - who could talk about anything else?

In retrospect we were very lucky. Our power was out for seven hours. We did not have cable for a little longer than that. Our greatest emergency was that K's cell phone was dying and OMG what would she do if she couldn't charge it!?! Glancing at the roof of our garage, we may have to replace a few shingles. There are a couple pieces of siding I might have to bend back into place and reattach. Minor stuff.

We did have a nice dinner planned with our neighbors that we had to cancel. We're hopeful that with the way the schedule is working out today - we might be able to fit it in and maybe watch some Monday night football.

Since we couldn't make dinner at home yesterday we ventured out into the windy world. What we saw as we traveled to the restaurant was, in a word disturbing. In any storm there can be fallen limbs, maybe a little debris, normal stuff right - but I had never seen siding ripped from homes, roofing shingles literally gone from rooftops entirely, or a hole in a wall exposing an entire attic.

I was especially surprised at this scene.

I know there are all kinds of scientific explanations for this, a weaker root system because it is by that driveway, etc... But seriously, this is Central Ohio. This tree is uprooted entirely. You don't expect to see things like this here. As a rule we have two seasons, slush and road repair.

A friend who lives in the Carolinas visited us at Christmas. He asked us how we lived without the sun for so long during the winter. He said it's always gray. Until yesterday I was thinking yeah, but it's never extreme. Yesterday was extreme.

For us...

In my WOW moment I cannot forget about the people that had to deal with the full force of Hurricane Ike. They didn't just lose trees, aluminum siding or shingles. In many cases they lost their homes, their livelihoods, all that they owned.

I didn't follow the storm as it happened because I have a hard time watching something so destructive, especially after Hurricane Katrina and the devastation in New Orleans. Yesterday was a big reminder for me and for us all, that there are bigger things in life sometimes.

As I powered up my computer and turned on my television yesterday evening I took a minute to look around. My wife was with me. My daughters were tucked safely in their beds. My crazy dog was finally calming down. All was peaceful and well.

I just kinda looked up and said, "thanks."