Learn & Play @ CML Thing #12 Twitter

Let me begin with full disclosure - I <3 Twitter.

Twitter is an ongoing conversation within a community. It's a way to follow along with what your friends and colleagues are doing, and sometimes how they are doing. For example, during the past few days many of my friends were without power. When they could find access to a computer they would post an update on their status. For example – Day 3 no power, no hot water, might have to take the neighbor up on that offer to borrow theirs. Coffee a must!

CML used Twitter during the last few days to post updates about branch closings and emergency phone numbers. In fact, the information was on Twitter before it was on CMLsi.

The Learn & Play program also uses Twitter.

Who knew 140 characters could be so useful? By answering one simple question “what are you doing?” a whole community can connect.

There are a whole slew of add-ons for Twitter. At home I use Twitterfox.

I found many more here.

I also have Twitter connected to my cell phone. I wasn’t sure how this would work at first. I contacted Verizon to be sure Twitter texts would not add costs beyond my unlimited texting plan. They do not, but y.m.m.v so check with your carrier and be sure you get documentation. It caught me by surprise when the Verizon rep. asked: “What’s Twitter?” so I asked her to please look it up and send me the information so I would have it in writing.

Actually connecting Twitter to my cell phone was very easy. The step by step instructions were spot on.

There was one thing I didn’t count on. Initially I set up my cell phone to receive all updates from everyone I follow on Twitter. The next time I turned my phone on I was just a tad alarmed when it vibrated for 10 minutes downloading many messages.

My phone survived and I was a little more careful in revising my settings.

I do still get many updates. I just like to be part of the conversation.

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